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Human Resource Consulting

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At WPS we are able to give Human Resource Consulting services of different kinds. These are given by the various member consultants who make up the WPS family. These include but are not limited to :-

1. Performance Management
It is important that your organisation has the whole team working to their full potential in order to get a good return on this particular resource. A good performance Management plan (PMP) will help achieve this. Together with you, w e shall formulate and implement a PMP, along with its monitoring system.

2. Total Quality Management (QWL)
Are the people in your organisation working in line with your quality objectives? WPS will not only assist with developing your quality management system, but can also monitor and evaluate the system for a decided length of time, while training your quality team.

3. Policy, procedures and Contracts
Policies are necessary to ensure uniformity of behaviour and practises in an organisation. They also decrease vulnerabilities to litigation and fraudulence and increase the control that management has. These must be in line with the d e s i r e d culture and values of the organisation. Are your company policies comprehensive and inclusive?

4. Exit Management
There are those times when the organisation has to part with an employee, whether at the instigation of the employer or the employee. And these have to be managed such that there are no negative repercussions from this. We offer assistance in all of these.

4.1 Retrenchments
In this economy there are times when an organisation or company has to part from a significant portion of its employees at the same time. This has to be managed in order to save costs, but at the same time decrease the negative impact this will have on the employees. We offer the following services.

Management of the retrenchment process. This includes:
• Hosting and & chairing the retrenchment consultative meetings
• Organising retrenchment counselling
• Organising pre-retrenchment training and
• Assisting with new career development planning

4.2 Resignation
Employees that are vital to the company sometimes resign, whether it is individually or successively. It is important that the company knows the reason for these resignations. It is wise sometimes to have an impartial party conduct the exit interview. This will help the employer have a clear picture of why the individual(s) leave the company’s employ.

4.3 Dismissals
When dismissals occur it is important that they are carried out with precaution and non-bias. An employee might feel that he or she is being unfairly dismissed despite the holding of a hearing if there is a some antipathy in the workplace. Having an impartial Chair to the disciplinary hearing where the chance of a dismissal happening is high is prudent.


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