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Temporary Employment Services

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Administrative staff during your peak times is a welcome addition. But the time it takes to organize this service is a hassle your office can do without. Furthermore you would not want to be burdened with training your temp, or even having to add them to your normal payroll. Our database has secretarial and administrative staff of different experiences and capabilities. All you have to do is tell us what your requirements are and we shall fill them.

Professional Locum

There are times in the office when there is an influx of work that requires expertise or skilled work. However this might be a temporary situation and hiring a full time employee can be both expensive and time consuming in preparation. Our duty is to ensure that you have access to people with the necessary know how but are willing to work as needed. We are strategically placed to have access to people of different professions who can be availed for technical assistance.

Our rates are very fair, and our people have been screened very heavily, so your company can rest assured that they will get trustworthy and dependable people.
Their proficiency has been graded on the basis of their experience, training, and their test and interview scores.

Please call us for a quote, which will be based on your specific needs.
+266 22 32 5020


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